Thursday, November 17, 2011

torrey and aaron are married!

aka, the longest blog post in the entire world.

Torrey and Aaron were married on a perfect fall day in Smartsville, California.
I was so happy to be a part of it--I loved everything about the day, from the location (beautiful!) to the simple details (perfect! Torrey worked so hard) and of course the couple (supermodels....and so much fun!) It was a party from start to finish, and it's always fun working with Ryan Southwell and Judd Rackham. 
Here are all 1,000 photos. ...enjoy!
IMG_7234-434 copy

IMG_6720-20 copy6IMG_6723-23 copy7IMG_6919-174 copyIMG_6865-140 copyIMG_6911-167 copy2Untitled-1IMG_7028-248 copyIMG_7038-255 copyIMG_7050-263 copyIMG_6968-209 copy5IMG_7064-270 copyIMG_3051-1 copyIMG_7072-278 copyIMG_3055-4 copyIMG_3059-8 copyIMG_7092-298 copyIMG_7087-293 copyIMG_7103-309 copyIMG_7108-314 copyIMG_3064-13 copyIMG_7120-326 copyIMG_7125-331 copyIMG_3088-33 copyIMG_7141-344 copyIMG_7148-349 copyIMG_3091-36 copyIMG_7230-430 copyIMG_7253-449 copyIMG_7343-532 copyIMG_7368-554 copyIMG_7298-488 copyIMG_7295-485 copyIMG_7286-478 copyIMG_7250-446 copyIMG_7321-510 copyIMG_7444-59 copy3IMG_7511-26 copy4IMG_7515-29 copyIMG_7474-83 copyIMG_7499-20 copyIMG_7563-66-2 copyIMG_7699-116 copy8
the end.